Floating On You

do you want me to care
do you notice i’m there
running up your street
knowing we might meet

i’ve been yearning so long
can this feeling be wrong
i don’t want to say
in case you turn away

’cause i am floating on you
yes i am floating on you

what will happen to me
will these words set me free
from this lover’s curse
scenes that i rehearse

round and round in my head
driving me from my bed
sanity you call
but you’re no help at all

for i am floating on you
yes i am floating on you


Convince Me

convince me
you don’t have to say a word to
convince me
there ain’t one i haven’t heard
either way
you’re okay
in my world

oh, believe me
your music sends me wild
when i hear you
i’m as reckless as a child
sing to me
bring to me
this ecstasy

i am haunted by you
night and day
at your feet
my heart i lay

oh, hopeless
is the nature of this love
for you will never
know the things i’m dreaming of
still i’ll stay
hooked this way
on your world

Am I

beneath the limpid light
I face the world alone
regarding our lost love
in memory etched like stone
the seat of our dependence
too often left unsaid
the call for independence
left soggy in the bed

where did we lose in this
A union of the mind
A century of doubt
A hidden set of lines
emerge to show a reason
to cope with joys and tears
an artificial verdict
that says it’s truth not fears

Am I……………

A retrospective gaze
reveals the danger zones
conditioned cliches ring
the bells of own to own
how did our understanding
of love and thoughts we shared
succumb to leafless friendship
and visions thus impaired

A stark and windswept mind
is left to muse in flight
passions of our days
divisions of our nights
I’m blown to secret corners
then left on a hill bare
A power is surging in me
I’m free to everywhere

Am I……………

the weekend

Siorse held the bag of Saturdays and Sundays tightly
She was now Supreme Monarch of the weekend!
She looked neither left nor right when she crossed the roads..
Who would dare demolish an institution?

It had proved more difficult than expected
to collect them
Once they had been so isolated from the week days
now there was much less distinction
Still, she had been able to supplant them
successfully with
a button

A skilfull and swift interchange

From now on she would use all her patience and wit,
buoyed by her new social status
to monitor their occasional
day release

First published in Crannog


I plugged it in
I turned it on
I couldn’t thunk
where I went wrong
It couldn’t go
It wouldn’t work
It made me felt
an awful gherk
I scratched a bit
I looked at book
In vain I poked
for my mistook
I bashed it in
I shook it hard
I swore its name
electric b*st*rd
I gave it up
It won I lost
And loudly it
in bin I tossed


dry shrivelled
leaves crackle
as they
hit the hard ground

drought-aged confetti
by a harsh
hot wind

do they have regrets?
do they pine for lost love?
do they rage, in their death spin, of wasted days?

completely withered
they have surely cried
all possible tears

I am
of them
a useless object
on a heartless earth


but joining a cast of millions