I chew quietly
in a slow restaurant and
many dusty camellias
through the
unusually clean
plate glass

there is low chitter
and clatter
as I stare
into the
broken buildings
across the busy lane

I am cosseted from the divide
and grimy
debris of
smashed homes
and abandoned lives

jaunty blue plastic
wraps up
pristine construction materials
in preparation for
the new reality

a policeman directs
away from the
destruction site

and lives are
swiftly turned


my camera smile

my camera smile
is never far from my face
it lurks down my shirt
and surfaces to coat any of my
it is a
submarine sandwich filled with marinated lies
and topped with garlic glitter
it drips bitter
that at all costs
must not be displayed
amongst the worldwide dissemination
of public images

I am limited



Rub my tummy!
Aaawww……..I feel sick!!

nausea makes me childish
and needy
I want to curl up in a foetal ball
and curse
and moan
loudly and freely to the moon

and accept soft fussing…………….

but there is no moon
and little comfort in this
sterile waiting room
I swallow my single peppermint
and swiftly dissolve my kiddy whims

a gowned, masked figure declares
my name flatly
and I act the upright
non-simpering adult
follow politely through the scrubbed door and
confront blankly whatever
fate has written

My Heart Won’t Forget About You

You still hold a piece of my heart
Even though we’re oceans apart
I try every day
But my heart won’t forget about you

I know you’re in some lover’s arms
Soul undressed by your gently charms
I know what they say
But my heart won’t forget about you

Some day I’d planned
We’d be hand in hand
You never returned
Left my love here to burn

Give me back the piece of my heart
Cause I want new lovers to start
I’ll try every way
But my heart won’t forget about you