i am a limpet
in love
if i choose you
you, foolishly, choose me
i will leap
from the ground
wrap my arms
and legs
about you
in your hydroponic focus
and scalp bleeding
i promise
to grow a
lethal barnacle
around our love
cutting any
try to

with warmth
and moisture
between us
we grow our own
and live
toxic contamination
and global warming
in our
pearly shell house


Still In My Dreams

Got into bed the other night
pulled the covers up and curled up tight
I didn’t know I was about to see
the freedom of me

I dreamt that I spoke out loud
owned what I said and stood up proud
wasn’t afraid of anyone
sss, hot as the sun

Still in my dreams, still in my dreams
still in my dreams, still in my dreams
still in my dreams, still in my dreams
I wish I was still in my dreams

When the power brokers came out to play
I didn’t shrink or step away
politicians, bankers, they don’t frighten me
I was tall as a tree

I corrected their mistaken impressions
in kindness and heart I gave them lessons
I told them it’s a privilege to serve
they don’t deserve

Still in my dreams…

I don’t want to have to dream to be free
to sleep to acknowledge the power that’s in me
I want to wake up with all of this fight
a gift from the night

This is a power we all possess
that we relinquish to those who oppress us
so don’t give in to society’s cries
don’t shrink in their lies

Still in my dreams…….

Published in Crannog, Ireland 2003

losing you (alternatively named – that putrid organ inside me that is intent on my destruction)

I miss your arms so
and i’m slow and clumsy at parting
the stoic cynical me
pretends i’m used to losing
but deep down
i’m just paddling
to keep myself from drowning
one breath
at a time
is hard enough to manage

Published in Crannog, Ireland.

Floating On You

do you want me to care
do you notice i’m there
running up your street
knowing we might meet

i’ve been yearning so long
can this feeling be wrong
i don’t want to say
in case you turn away

’cause i am floating on you
yes i am floating on you

what will happen to me
will these words set me free
from this lover’s curse
scenes that i rehearse

round and round in my head
driving me from my bed
sanity you call
but you’re no help at all

for i am floating on you
yes i am floating on you